African Private Office helps you to plan, execute and control your financial life. We can play an active role with you and your bankers, or offer information and advice from the background - the choice is yours.

Our Services

KYC Profile

At the heart of every financial services relationship is a KYC profile - information about you obtained from many sources. We can help you to build your own KYC profile and keep it up to date. This ensures your financial partners are always working with current and accurate information. It also helps you to understand and manage your reputation and public profile.

Wealth Plan

African Private Office will undertake an objective assessment of your current financial position. We will assist you in the creation of a Wealth Plan; logging your future wealth objectives and crafting a plan to ensure you meet them. Taking your requirements into account, we will recommend the most appropriate institutions for you to work with. We will monitor the progress of your Wealth Plan and the performance of all your financial services partners on a regular basis. This ensures your plans remain current - to the ever-changing market environment and your personal circumstances.

Banking Relationships

Many wealthy individuals today maintain more than one private banking relationship. We can save you time by taking care of the routine issues that go with these relationships, leaving you free to concentrate on the things that really matter to you.